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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday: Week 2

Okay, peeps, you want the good news first?  Or the bad news?

All right, the bad news is that it's nearly noon on Friday, and I have yet to exercise.  That's right, not for one minute.  Now Annie Kate challenged me huge to break my record and do eight, and I am really going to try to do that.  If I do, I will come back and update. 
Now technically I did to a teeny tiny bit of exercise.  Last Sunday the fam went sledding.  I hate cold, and thus, sledding is not my thing.  Well, I suppose I'd like it if it were, say 70 degrees or more out. 

Anyway, the place we went also has toboggan runs, and I was determined to go down once.  I did.  I was fun, I admit.  BUT!  Getting off the thing was a challenge in itself.  I have bad knees and it was not pretty.  Then I had to walk back UP that hill.

So I started up the hill, s l o w l y.  Yeah, I mean, I have asthma too.  You see, I've got LOTS of excuses for being so out of shape.  So it's taking me a while and Sane Man actually had to send out the dogs!  Well, he sent out one.  He had one of the kids take the dog to me so she could PULL me back up that hill.  He stood at the top and called to her so she would go up.  Now THAT, my friends, is pathetic. 

Oh, well.

BUT!!!  I do have some good news.  Earlier in the week I weighed in at 166.6.
Today I weighted 165.6.  You do the math.  Girlfriends, that is a WHOLE POUND!  Do you hear me?  A WHOLE POUND!!!

So, it's all good.  I have made a baby step towards my goal of hitting 140 sometime again in this lifetime (without getting some terminal disease.) 

So, yeah.

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1 comment:

  1. You are too funny.

    And you may have beat me on exercise this week.

    Congrats on the pound :)


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