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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yikes! I just watched Hoarders!

Have you seen Hoarders?  It's a reality show on the A & E Network about, well, hoarders.  LOL  In other words, these are folks who take messy to a whole new level.  Now, I don't have cable, but we recently bought a BLU-RAY player which came with a free subscription to Netflix.  I'd always wanted to see the show, and Netflix has it as an instant download, so this was my big chance to watch it. 


I thought I was a messy gal.  I AM a messy gal.  I have messy kids.  But I am not a hoarder.  I don't have a house full of expired food, empty wine bottles, rotten pumpkins, or dead cats.  So, watching Hoarders should make me feel better, right?  WRONG!  Know why?  Because I see that I have great potential!  LOL  What drives these people to become hoarders lives in me.  Yes, I have self-diagnosed myself as having hoarder tendencies.  Here's a list I've come up with as to why I feel this way.
  • I'm frugal. 
  • I'm sentimental.
  • I procrastinate.
  • I'm disorganized. 
  • I'm a people pleaser and just WAY too nice.  (Hear the kids snickering?)
Because of these things I tend spend hours cleaning with little tangible results.  Now, if I have a few hours I can make this place fairly presentable for company.  The four main rooms on the main floor pretty much get cleaned every day.  They never get so bad that we can't tidy them up with a little concentrated effort.  That being said, I still rarely have anyone over.  It's just too darn stressful for me. Another problem I have is that I tend to put off fun stuff, like getting together with friends, visiting relatives, or just going to the park because "I should really just stay home and clean."  My house is like a ball and chain that keeps me tied down.   I need to really take a look at that list above and figure out a way overcome these issues so that I can be free.  My house should serve me, not the other way around. 

Will you join me for this journey?  Maybe you're have a little bit of hoarder in you too, or maybe even a lot!  Or maybe you used to and have overcome.  Or maybe you don't get this at all and can just be here to encourage me to keep on keepin' on!  My plan is to do a little series on what is causing me to be a messy and what I can do about it.  I have no real plan, I'm just winging it, but I do plan to check in a few times a week to let you know my progress.  I do hope you'll come along beside me.  I always work better with a friend.  :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Making a Comeback! That's the Plan, Anyway!

Okay, so some of you have been around for a while, and some of you are new followers.  If you've been around for a while, you know that my blog used to be a mix of reviews, funny stories, memes, and other assorted stuff.  Well, life got overwhelming for me this past year.  Well, MORE overwhelming, and so other than the reviews I was obligated to write, and a few contests, you haven't heard much from me.  Soooo.....

I made the decision to drop out of the TOS Crew.  (Well, maybe I quit before I got fired, but I'd like to think they'd have had me back!)  Anyway, this probably doesn't really free up much time as things have a way of filling in empty time, but I am hoping to get back to writing more fun stuff!  And maybe, just maybe, I'll write some posts on my Crazy Mom style of homeschooling.  I want to do this because I listen to all the reasons people say they "could never homeschool" and I am proof that you can still do it, if you have the committment and desire.  For example, I am disorganized, impatient, and more or less clueless about just about everything.  However, my kids do just fine.  I wanna be here to be the one who says, I don't care how poorly you think you are doing, if you can teach your kid to read, do basic math, follow basic directions, and love the Lord, YOU CAN DO IT!!!
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