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The Kids

First Born:  My oldest son is a homeschool grad and college student studying biomedical engineering, with the hope of becoming a doctor.  He currently works at a veterinarian office as a ward attendant.  At church he teaches Sunday School and is in charge of medical supplies. 

Ren:  My second oldest son is a computer geek and works as a web guy for a company that creates websites for churches and other organizations.  He also has a job at a popular ice cream store.  Ren is also a homeschool grad and college student studying electrical and computer engineering.  He is currently the youth worship leader at our church.

Mr. Personality:  Son number three is a senior this year and is working in fast food.  He has yet to decide what profession he is going to pursue.  He has actively volunteered at our local library, at church, and at our homeschool co-op where he serves at vice-president of the student council. 

Woggit:  Yes, there is yet another son.  Woggit is in tenth grade this year.  (Or he would be in school.  We're really not about grades here as that is a "school" thing.)  He is my "loner" and would rather read, create 3D models on the computer, or spend time with a friend.  His dream is to own a pizza restaurant. 

Princess:  Yes, a girl!  My oldest daughter is finally a teenager and she thinks she is all grown up.  She has just joined the worship team at church as a singer, and is also teaching herself guitar.  She also likes to read and sew.  Like Mr. Personality, she has served at the library and on the co-op student council.  She is undecided as to what she wants to pursue as a "job."  Her career will be, God willing, to serve as a wife and mother.

Dode Man:  Another son.  Dode Man is my drummer boy.  He also in very interested in American History and missions.  Like his older brother and sister, he has also served on the student council at our co-op and would love to serve at the library.  He is training to be the A/V guy for the youth service at church.  He currently wants to be a police officer when he grows up.  The Dode is 12. 

Bear:  My sweet little Bear is all girl.  She loves stuffed animals, and would love to be a vet.  She also likes to sew and do other "girl things."  She is 10, but still loves to dress up as a princess.  Bear is a very good student and often does more "school" than I ask her too.  She just joined the worship team in our children's ministry.  All my kids should be a good-natured as my Bear.

Baber:  My youngest child, and, yes, another boy.  Baber is a feisty one!  He's a most demanding child, but that doesn't make him any less lovable.  He's all boy and is not quite ready to settle down to all this school business.  He's rather play than do school any day.  He's eight this year, and still not reading fluently.  He has all the tools, but he's just not interested in such things right now.  He is not the first to take his time, though, and I'm not worried.  He's well ahead in math, and I know he's one smart cookie! 
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