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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

People Pleasers and Potatoes

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My name is Crazy Mom and I have a confession to make.  I am a people pleaser.  Yep, that's me.   A people please, a peacemaker, a pacifist.  In other words, my goal in life is to get others to like me and to avoid conflict at all cost.  Okay, it's not my only goal, but it pretty much describes who I am.

I am not alone in my people pleasing ways.  My sisters are both people pleasers too, as is my mother.  Lord help us if we offend.  We'll be traumatized for days.  Be nice to us. 

Now, I always knew our mom was a people pleaser, but I never realized how bad it was.  You see, we were at my brother's house for Christmas, and we were all helping out in the kitchen.  My older sister was washing dishes, and my mom and I were drying.  As I wiped out a bowl I noticed some left over mashed potatoes so I cleaned them off and for whatever reason mentioned it to my mom.  She proceeded to tell me that when she was new to the family, some fifty plus years ago, she was also in the kitchen helping dry dishes when she noticed some left over food.  Suddenly she found herself in a horrible dilemma.  Does she tell?  I mean, she's a perfectionist, but dare she insult her hostess?  Oh, my, what would she do?  She kept silent, and did the best she could to eliminate the evidence.  Fifty plus years late the memory still haunts her...

Now even I got a laugh out of that.  I couldn't believe she  was so perplexed.  I told her I certainly didn't think anyone would have thought twice about it if she'd handed the dish back and let them know they'd missed something.  Ah, but that is the life of a people pleaser.  I mean, I certainly understand. 

Now I'd bought two clear glass bowls of corn to the dinner, and I went to grab them before we left, but someone had already put them in the cupboard.  The problem was, I'd forgotten exactly what they looked like.  My sister-in-law pulled a few out of the cupboard.  One I knew was mine, but I wasn't sure about the other.  I took one, looked at it, and noticed something yellow in the bottom of the bowl.  I wiped it out with my finger, and sure enough, it was butter.  I felt like Monk at a crime scene!  It was my bowl alright, I'd loaded that corn up with butter.  So maybe missing a wee bit of food could be a good thing!  I couldn't help but consider the irony of the situation.  The bowl wasn't clean, but no one had noticed.  Or maybe they did, and just didn't say anything.  I wonder if my mom dried that one.  :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Movie Review: A Mile in His Shoes

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As part of the propeller blogger program I was sent a DVD copy of A Mile in his Shoes to review so I could share my thoughts with you.  I am also blessed to be able to give a copy away.  (Contest details follow the review.)

First let me say, I have really been enjoying the fact that there seems to be a lot more decent family films out there these days.  Finally!  For a while there it was almost impossible to find a movie that I could watch with my family without feeling I was compromising my faith.  Well, A Mile in His Shoe is yet another great movie! 

I love being able to share these great finds with you, but I have to admit, I kinda hate writing the reviews because I am the kind of person who really doesn't like to know a whole lot about a movie before I see it.  Ever see a trailer that is like a mini version of the movie?  I hate that!  LOL  So, I find it hard to write a review without giving too much away.  LOL  So, I'll just give you a little hint about what the movie is about.  :)

From the director of Angels in the Outfield, this new movie, A Mile in His Shoes stars Dean Cain and Luke Schroder (son of Ricky Schroder) and is about a semi-professional baseball coach named Arthur Murphy (Murph) who accidentally stumbles across a young man named Mickey who is a naturally gifted pitcher.  The only glitch is that Mickey has Asperger's Syndrome (a form of autism) and is the son of very protective parents who are reluctant to allow Mickey to play ball.  When they finally give in, Mickey learns about a whole new world that exists outside his farm, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Yes, it's a baseball movie, but it's more of a movie about learning to love, reach out, and take chances.  It's also about forgiveness. 

I watched this film with my daughter and we both really enjoyed it.  It had a great message, but wasn't overtly preachy.  I'd like to see a lot more films like this where it portrays Christian people in a positive light, but is not targeted to a exclusively Christian audience.  A Mile in His Shoes also helps people to understand a little more about , autism and Asperger's Syndrome, which is always a good thing.  Mickey is different, but he's a great kid and worth getting to know. 

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Monday, January 2, 2012

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