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Friday, February 19, 2010

Five Points Just for Showing Up!!!

My two oldest, First Born and Ren, go to the local community college where they are honor students.  Sounds impressive, but I have to wonder.  It doesn't seem like it takes all that much to stand out these days.  I keep hearing stories about all ways they can earn extra credit.

When they took their first class, a few years ago, they got an easy A.  However, had they not been getting that A they could have upped their grades by bringing in old computer parts, writing a public official, or even giving blood!

This year Ren in taking three classes.  One is online, but the other two meet in a traditional classroom.  He takes a programming class and Spanish.   Well, he didn't do as well we we would have liked on his first Spanish test.  Understandable, it's not easy to learn a foreign language.  But the next time he went into class he got five more points.  Why?  Apparently, it is quite common for students to skip the next class after a test.  So, just for showing up he got five addtional points.  This on top of the fact that a full third of his points already come from participation in class and attendance.  Wow!   He tells me the other teacher made the same comment and gave out extra points too!

Is it that bad?  Are students so uncommitted that all it takes is showing up to impress your teacher?  I guess so!  Well, I guess that's just another positive thing about homeschooling.   Kids learn to show up for class.  Mine were so committed they were at school before they even got out of bed!  LOL  :)

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  1. My teachers do this all the time. I guess it's an encouragement to show up for class.


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