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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New Review! Thin Stix!

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Review Crew

The Pencil Grip, Inc

Thin Stix by KwikStix

About the product/service: 
As part of the Homeschool Review Crew, I received a free pack of Thin Stix 6 Pack of Classic Colors from The Pencil Grip, Inc. so I could check them out and let you know what I think. These are cool little paint sticks. They look like markers but are actually tempera paint. You take off the cap, twist the bottom, and the paint is exposed. (Like old-fashioned lipstick.) Then just draw on your paper, poster board, cardboard or canvas. 

What are the pros of this product? 
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Quick Drying (90 seconds)
  • No water needed
  • Easy clean up
  • Comes in lots of colors (even metallic!)
  • Works on paper, posterboard, and more
  • The colors are very vibrant
What's not to like? 
The only thing I can say I didn't like was the fact that the caps don't fit on the end of the pen when you are using them. That's probably because you have to twist the end to bring up the paint. It wouldn't keep me from buying the product, but I always lose my caps when they don't attach, and sometimes when they do. LOL 

The Crazy Mom take:
I was excited to try these paint sticks because lately I've been dabbling in hand lettering and drawing. I thought I would use them to letter. I really didn't have a whole lot of success with that because they are paint, not ink. To be honest, I thought that they would have a finer point because they are called Thin Stix, but when I got them, I realized they were thicker. So, instead I tried to draw with them. They are really cool to use! (Maybe I'll keep working on using them to letter, too. I am just really new at it and it takes me a while to learn new techniques.)

For my first project, I decided to go with something simple. Just a few flowers. I can't really describe it, but I really liked how the Thin Stix felt to use. They are paint, so they felt smooth. Then they really did dry very quickly. The company says 90 seconds, but it seemed to be even faster than that. (Sorry, I didn't time it. LOL) 

Anyway, I love they way the color went on so smoothly and dried still looking just as vibrant and shiny as when I first drew the flowers. My picture is very simple, but I feel like it looks so much better than it would have had I used markers, colored pencils, or crayons, or tried to use regular tempera paint with a brush. You don't see the lines the way you do with most other drawing products. 

I'm sorry my photo isn't the best. They look much better in real life, but that gives you an idea as to what you can do with these paints. 

What's the bottom line? $8.49 at 

I am going to give Thin Stix 5 out of 5 smileys!!! 

Check it out!

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