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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New Review! ArtAchieve!!!

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Review Crew


About the product/service: As part of the Homeschool Review Crew, I received a subscription to the Entire Level 1 of the ArtAchieve website. This includes ten art lessons for kids 5+ or for the inexperienced artist who wants to start at the beginning. The lessons are based on images from around the world. Facts are given about the lesson's topic and links are provided along with each lesson so that you can dig deeper into the science, language, and social studies connections to the artwork. 

Try a free lesson here

A free lesson on shading by Bear

What are the pros of this product?
  • It's reasonably priced.
  • It's well organized.
  • It includes warm-up exercises.
  • It uses basic art supplies you most likely already own.
  • It helps make connections between art and other subjects.
  • There are levels for all ages/stages of students.
  • You are given instruction, but can "make it your own."
  • You can choose to follow along with either a video or a Power Point.
  • Even the most inexperienced artist will be able to create beautiful artwork. 
  • Meets the National Standards for Art Education: National Standard for Visual Art
The Owl from Bali

What's not to like? There really are no cons that I can think of. If you don't already have access to an art curriculum, have limited time, or are teaching a class, this should be a good fit for you. If you already have resources, this might not add much to your art studies, but if you don't need an art curriculum, you probably wouldn't be considering it anyway. LOL 

The Hungarian Insects by Bear

The Crazy Mom take:

When I chose the Level 1, I probably made a mistake. It's for ages 5 and up, and we are definitely up. LOL My daughter is 16, and I'm a little older than that. ;) The reason I did this was because we love to draw, and we have done other programs, but we have never done anything where it starts from very simple to more advanced techniques. Level one is really for those who have basically no training. We probably should have chosen a higher level.

I have to say, that for my daughter, I don't think it would have been worth it to pay for the subscription. She is old enough to get out one of the several art books we have around here and just follow along. If she were interested in any of the social studies, language arts, or science topics related to the subject, she is plenty proficient at Googling and would have no problem finding additional information. 

A higher level might have been a better fit were we paying customers, but for the reasons outlined above, I think she would be able to cobble a decent enough art curriculum with the resources we already have, supplemented with various free websites, YouTube, etc. Keep in mind, though, that I am speaking from the perspective of someone who is not actually in the market for an art curriculum. I would have loved something like this when my kids were younger. Art was, unfortunately, often skipped due to the fact that life was so hectic then. Had I been able to set them down in front of a laptop and have them follow along while I cooked dinner or folded laundry, that would have been very helpful!

With that in mind, I think this would be awesome for is the busy mom of younger kids with no real resources who doesn't have a lot of time to put together a curriculum or Google additional information. (I've had this homeschooling gig for over 20 years. I have more curricula than I could ever hope to use.) I also think it would be great for a co-op class. I could see maybe a class of first or second graders using this (Level 1) and learning not just about the art, but learning from the additional information the links provide. The teacher would have very little prep time and younger kids would love it because their drawings would (hopefully) look fantastic! The price is decent, and I would think it would really go over well. If I were planning a kids' art class, I would definitely strongly consider this. 

What's the bottom line? 
If you just want one lesson, it's just $4.00, but you can get the whole level for just $30, which is a 25% discount.  

I am going to give Alphabet Beats 3 out of 5 smileys!!!

Check it out!

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