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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Great App: YouVersion.

Do you have a hard time fitting in Bible reading, but always seem to find time to check Facebook and Instagram? Well, I could just tell you to put down your phone; instead, I'm going to tell you to pick up your phone and download the YouVersion Bible app.

This is not a commercial. I have no relationship with the makers of this app; I just love it. First, you can read the Bible. It's easy to search for whatever scripture you like. You can also do things like highlight scriptures, share them, and even make images from stock photos, or your own, featuring your favorite verses.  You can also set it up to do devotional plans. For example, there are plans from some of your favorite artists like TobyMac, Chris Tomlin, and Switchfoot. There are also topical devos such as the one on Thankfulness from Joyce Meyer that I'm doing right now. The great thing is that you can set it up so you get notifications on your phone to remind you to read them.

Another cool thing is that you can actually be "friends" with people through the app. It can be accessed through Facebook and it automatically lets you see which of your Facebook friends are using the app. You can then see what plans they are doing (if they have it set to public) as well as other activities they do. You can then like and comment on what they're doing, just like on other social media. It makes it really nice to be able to encourage one another to read the Word.

I honestly had this app for quite some time and barely used it. It was actually my daughter, Princess, that told me about how cool it was. I am really just getting into it, and I am not even sure of all that you can do with it. This is not meant to be a review, just a heads up on a cool app I've found that has made remembering to read my Bible every day easy. I figure if technology can make it easy to waste time, I might as well figure out a way to make it use my time more wisely. This is a fantastic way to do it. Hope you check it out!


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