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Sunday, April 30, 2017

So, I have failed.

Remember when I set that little goal for myself to clean one small area of each room on the main floor? It was just two shelves of my bookshelves, one shelf in one of my kitchen cupboards, one drawer in my bathroom, and one drawer in my bedroom. Can you believe I didn't do a single one of them?

Yep, that's me. I'm the girl of good intentions. I have excuses, though! I have had to take my daughter to several appointments related to getting her braces on. She finally got them on this past Wednesday. My son had to go to about 14 driver's ed classes over the past three weeks, but he got his permit Friday. I am so glad to have those two things off my mind! Saturday I cleaned the whole main floor of the house and folded about ten loads of laundry. (Yes, and ten loads hardly made a dent. We are not good at keeping up laundry. Or anything, really, housework related.) Of course, when I say clean, I mean the stuff you can see. I didn't get to any drawers or shelves. Still, I did something! LOL

I also went to a doctor appointment, took my son to take the ACT, wrote a review, did my usual errands, and started planning my son's grad party. I was behind because I had to do taxes for six and FAFSAs for three.You see, I can justify my poor housekeeping skills, and you are totally convinced that I am not lazy. Right? As long as I don't mention all the time I spend on Facebook and Instagram, it's all good.

Maybe I'll get to that list this week. :)


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