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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

40 Days of Cleaning, Sorting, Organizing, and Dumping

Recently another blogging friend, Jennifer, sent me an idea.  It was a cleaning challenge.  The idea was basically to clean out 40 areas of your house, getting rid of a bag of junk from each area.  (In my case this could actually be bags.) Sounded like a winning idea to me!

So I put together a list of 40 areas of my house that really need attention.  That's pretty much the whole house.  LOL  My plan is to take one area each day (or maybe two if I'm feeling extra ambitious) and tackle it, then blog about it.  If I get really brave, I'll take pics!  I'm taking Sundays and holidays off, and I have a week of vacation coming up, but other than that, I am committing to at least one area a day in no particular order.

Now, I'm a joiner. I do my best work in groups, and if there's a little competition within the group, I do even better.  So, I already have Jennifer on board, but I'd like to ask all of you to join me too. You don't have to follow my plan exactly.  Just come up with something to do in forty days.  Jennifer even mentioned doing home improvement projects. (I do have some pictures that need to be hung.) It can be anything really, as long as it related to creating order in your home. My projected completion date is August 27.  Are you up to the challenge? The plan is to put up a Linky so if you blog about your projects you can link to it. Until then, go ahead and let me know what you're doing in the comments.

And, just to keep myself accountable, here are my forty areas:

Areas that are done are highlighted!

1. Boys' room under beds/floor
2. Top of boys' dresser
3. Boys' dresser drawers
4. Bin of misc. in boys' room
5. Bin of toys in boys' room
6. Hall closet/hall/shelves
7. Kitchen junk drawer
8.Cupboard under junk drawer
9. Cupboard above junk drawer
10.Spice Cabinet
11.Cabinet over microwave/Clean microwave
12.Cabinet over fridge
13. Utensil and silverware drawers
14. Bread drawer
15. Plastic storage container drawer
16. Corner Cabinet over Sink
17. Corner Cabinet over Lazy Susan
18. Dish cabinets (Done by my honey!)
19. Cereal Cabinet
20. Lazy Susan
21. Bedroom Closet
22. Night Stand
23. Dresser top
24. Dresser Drawers 1 and 2
25. Dresser Drawers 3 and 4
26. Dresser Drawer 5
27. Dresser Drawers 6 and 7
28. Under bed
29. Living Room/Dining room (Hang pictures!)
30. Bookshelf one
31. Bookshelf  two
32. Medicine cabinet
33. Baskets in bathroom
34. Stairs and landing area (basement)
35. Table in basement
36. Under table in basement
37. CD cabinet
38. Laundry shelves
39. Laundry table
40. Laundry area

So there it is!  My challenge to myself is to finish cleaning out all of these areas by August 27.  Any and all encouragement is welcome!

Happy Cleaning!!!


  1. I'm with you. The challenge is on1 Thank you for the motivation to move in this area. It is a struggle for me to keep things in order and neat. I like the idea of doing a bit at a time.

  2. I'm with you, just starting late....guess you have to read your e-mails to know what's going on ;-)


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