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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Making Progress :)

So, yesterday I went for a bigger job. :) I got to the cupboard under my junk drawer (another big one.) Now I am left with only three kitchen areas left to clean/organize. Well, I should say that are on my list. There are still other areas to clean, but I actually have done some of those areas already as I've been in there working. I cleaned the top of the fridge and the little bit of the microwave that sticks out where it fits under my cabinet. That was quite gross! (Who looks there? I'm short!) In other news, I also got the wall vents cleaned in my living room and dining room. These things seem to happen.  If you clean one thing, you just get on a roll! I know you want pics, and I plan to put some up. I've been to busy cleaning to take them. ;)

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Happy Housework!


  1. You are on a roll! Keep up the good work. I once read to place a piece of paper on top of the fridge, then when you clean it you can toss the paper with whatever is on it. It works, and every time I'm amazed how much dust gets up there.

    So far in my cleaning challenge I've tackled two big areas in my room and donated a trunk full of things we no longer need. Thanks for encouraging me!

  2. Whoo hoo! A trunk full! Honestly I've not found much to toss or give away, but at least I'm getting things cleaned and organized. Sad to say, the rest of my house doesn't look so great. Still, we can clean it up easier when we have the unseen stuff more organized. Still trying to find a place for everything so we can have everything in its place. It amazes me how much stuff we have that really doesn't have a home that we just shuffle around. Our house is old and there isn't much closet/storage space.

    Love the paper idea on the fridge. Hope I remember that tomorrow so I can do it!

  3. If I could find a place for everything, I wouldn't be in this mess. When my husband saw the piles of stuff that came out of my office last night, he asked if he needed to find a dump truck to back up to our door.


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