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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yet Another Update! :)

Starting to feel accomplished as one whole side of upper kitchen cupboards are done!  (Well, technically I have to put the a few things back in one of them, but they are all clean.)

Yesterday I did the Lazy Susan and the cupboard over my fridge.  I wanted to do the cupboard over the oven but I ran out of time.  (We have Wednesday night church and I had to get dinner and then go.)  This morning did it right away, but I still plan to do something else on the list if  I get to it before going to the grocery store.  Since the Lazy Susan was a job on its own, I'm technically ahead of myself, but I'm okay with that.  Looking around I can find a lot more things to do than the 40 I planned to do, so if I get them done before my deadline, I have plenty more to keep me busy.  (Plus the things I did first will likely be dirty and/or disorganized.  It never ends, does it? ;)

Happy Cleaning, Organizing, Giving, and Tossing!!!  


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