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Monday, July 22, 2013

I've been busy!!! (Cleaning update!)

Okay, here's a little rundown of what I've done lately.The big chore I've been doing is organizing my bookshelves. What a chore!  First of all, all the books are totally out of order.  Every year I organize, and by the end of the year you'd never know it.  The kids shove the books in here there and everywhere, and often horizontally on top of the other books.  {sigh} Also, pens, pencils, and just about anything that will fit end up on the shelves in front of the books.  It's a mess. I've been working on it for days and now realize that one day per bookcase was not enough time.  Both cases are now neat and organized, but I have other books and things that I took off them that have to be dealt with.

The reason it takes so long is that I have to decide what books I will be using in the upcoming school and what books can be packed away. I wish had a whole room for them! Then I try to group them in the order we'll use them each day, as well as order them for each student.  It takes a lot of thinking and that wears me out!  LOL

Oh!  I forgot that what started me on the bookshelves was that I went to go through the miscellaneous tub in the younger boys' room and found it was mostly filled with books. So the tub is done. :)

Enough of that. :) I've also reorganized all the clothing drawers in our dresser.  We both have a "junk drawer" and my husband takes care of his own, and I'm avoiding mine.  It's like a little hoarder drawer and it scares me, much like the junk drawer in my kitchen, which I am also avoiding. As for the rest of my house, it looks like a mess right now. Trying to get my kids to do their chores so I can get back to my organizing and some paperwork that needs to be done.  After 25 years I have to prove that I'm married to my husband so I can be on his medical. :)

See my original post here.

Happy Un-hoarding! :)

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  1. Keep it up! The bookshelf that holds our books for homeschool is organized, but the rest of the shelves in our house are on my to-do list.


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