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Monday, July 8, 2013

40 Day Challenge Update #1

Okay, so I've done three days now. Can't say I've done anything earth-shattering. Wednesday I did what was probably the easiest job on my list, the bread drawer. That being said, there was some mold in there. Truth be told, there was a lot. Yuck! I then did what was probably the second easiest job on the list, my medicine chest.  It was fairly easy because it hadn't been that long since I'd done it. (That right there is a miracle.) Then I did my silverware and utensil draws. I did actually throw some stuff out! There were the beaters from my old mixer, and a dented up potato masher. I also pitched a few other odds and ends. The drawers themselves were crummy. How do those crumbs get in there? I still need to reline them with some contact paper. They are not looking too spiffy anymore.

Okay, so not the most inspiring update. However, had I not made the list, chances are nothing would have gotten done. Oh!  I almost forgot, SANE MAN actually totally reorganized my two main dish cupboards. He is really great at that sort of thing. This is by no means the norm around here. He is not usually one to pitch in with housework. However, he had to install a new dishwasher (less than a month after we got a new washer) and we were trying to get all the dishes that had piled up cleaned and put away. In his frustration to find a place for things he started reorganizing. Who was I to stop him (even at 2:00 a..m.)?

So, how are YOU doing? Several people have told me they are with me. If so, please leave a comment here and let me know!

Happy Cleaning!


  1. I've done some. Trying to make room for new kids to join our family real soon.

    I sold an exercise machine that was just collecting stuffs. I made some travel money (to get our kids) and freed up a bunch of space. That should help immensely with my organization.

    The past couple of weeks we've cleaned out both storage sheds. Reboxed, labeled, and stacked better, gave away/donated, and threw away lots of things. Now...sold the big piece of equipment that was taking up space.

    I wrote a list whenever you first posted. Guess I should go see what I can mark off now :)

  2. I love how you have chosen such a large family! How many will be living with you? What a blessing you are to so many. It's so important to keep the clutter down in a big family, isn't it? More important and, unfortunately more difficult. :)


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