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Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Memory: 4 Degrees of Separation (Originally posted 01/03/12)

Sorry, I'm a wee bit late getting my Monday Memory posted!

Some like it hot. I am one of those someones! If I were in charge, my thermostat would be set at LEAST 72 degrees. Sane Man, on the other hand, likes it at 68 degrees. At that temp I am in fuzzy socks, boots, a turtleneck, a scarf, and a sweater. I am always sneaking it up a few degrees when he leaves, and then sometimes I forget all about it and he comes home to a nice warm home. I then have to very covertly set it back to 68 which can be tricky because the thermostat is in the direct line of sight from his favorite chair. Thankfully, he often takes a quick trip to the bedroom or bathroom before sitting down.

This got me to thinking about the Garden of Eden. It was paradise, right? Well, I seriously don't know any couple that is in full agreement on temperature. Most of the ladies I know are always cold and their dh's always are hot. (Yeah, my dh is hot!  LOL) The rare few gals I know that like the heat lower seem to have married those few rare guys who are always cold. So how could it be paradise for both Adam and Eve? Could they have possibly agreed on the same temperature?  Hmmm...

So, after pondering it a bit, I decided it probably had a whole lot less to do the temperature than it did with the fact that in Eden they hadn't yet sinned. Adam and Even were not obsessed with their own personal comfort like we tend to be as fallen people. Maybe if I were more focused on my husband's needs than my own, I would not be so dead set on making myself comfortable.  Plus, it would be a lot cheaper. Well, until summer.  ;)

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  1. Ha, you sound just like my husband and I. Tonight, I'm bundled up in sweats and socks and slippers and he's in shirtsleeves. :-)

  2. I stopped over from the Molly facebook team to take your poll and I added you to my networked blogs. Would love to have you "visit!"

    Amy B


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