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Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas music from Morgan Harper Nichols!

If you haven't heard of Morgan Harper Nichols, you're missing out on one of Christian music's most promising rising stars. Morgan is a beautiful young woman with a heart for the Lord that is often sadly missing in the contemporary Christian music culture. She's the real deal. Not only is Morgan a musician, singer, and songwriter, she's a gifted artist, writer, poet, teacher, and encourager. She posts daily devotionals on Instagram and Facebook, publishes devotional e-books , creates YouTube videos and Periscopes to encourage other creative people, and, well, it would take a long time to list everything she does. It can all be found on her website. Click here to check it out.

Morgan has a true gift for creating simple yet profoundly deep lyrics that will stay with you and feed your soul. Prodigal Christmas is no exception. She takes the idea of a family member going home at Christmastime, inspired by the song "I'll Be Home for Christmas," and creates a parallel to a prodigal coming home to the Lord, where the light it always on. 

Love the song Prodigal Christmas? Buy it and other songs from Morgan Harper Nichols on iTunes here, Google Play here, or Amazon MP3 here !


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