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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday Memory (Yep, I'm Late) Mommy Me Time: Mandate or Myth

(Originally published on 7/16/2012)

It seems to me there are two schools of thought when it comes to "Mommy Me Time."  Some will insist that moms take time for themselves, while others insist such an idea is nothing but selfish and unnecessary. The former take on it seems to be far more prevalent.

When my youngest was born, I had eight kids under 12.  It was crazy.  People were always trying to convince me that I needed to "get away."  When I did, I admit I enjoyed myself, but it actually made it harder on me when I came back home.  For me, I would rather just stay in the trenches.  My idea of me time was simply reading a book, or watching a movie.  I never liked leaving my kids.  Besides, usually the place was a mess when I got home, and I always felt like I'd lost than more I'd gained!

Another thing I did for myself that I could do at home was to start this blog.  It gave (gives!) me something I can call my own, yet it does not pull me too far away from my family.  Actually, over the years, doing product reviews has actually caused me to spend even more time with my kids.

I don't agree with those folks who say moms are selfish to want to get away.  I think it's good for moms to recharge.  After all, recreation means re-creation.  It's like maintenance.  Moms who serve their family non-stop and never get a break will eventually burn out.  That being said, however, I seem to notice a dangerous trend.  Moms aren't just wanting to recharge so they can serve their families better.  I have heard story after story of moms wanting to do something for themselves, purely for their own self-gratification.  Many mothers have decided that they have "done their time" and need to "find themselves" or whatever.  I have seen several moms over the years take this attitude.  Most are divorced.

Like everything else, "me time" has to be balanced.  Moms need time to get refreshed and recharged for sure, but, please, moms, don't let yourselves get so burnt-out that you feel the need to run away from everything forever.  Other than our relationship with God, our relationships with our husbands and children are the most important relationships we will ever have.  Sure, take a break, but do it for your family as well as yourself.  You will be blessed!

Happy re-creation!

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  1. As with everything else like, so much depends upon your intent. I've been the mom who just needed a few quiet moments to collect myself. I've also been the mom who was trying to escape. ;0)

    I wrote something about "Me time" a while back that expresses my personal take on it:


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