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Monday, June 19, 2017

Life is So Different

Just eight short years ago, all of my children were children. What I mean by that is they were all 17 and under. What on earth has happened? LOL Suddenly I have five, soon to be six, adult children, and my two youngest are now high school age! What???

This morning I just saw my four youngest off to church camp. One counselor and three campers. They are a whole state away! Yesterday my oldest just came home from a week-long trip with a friend where he drove several states away. Tomorrow my husband and I take off for a trip across the country for a week, and while we're gone, my third oldest son will be going camping for the weekend. While we're doing all that, my second oldest and his wife are house hunting. How did this crazy life happen? I remember the day when I had all eight of my kids 24/7 every single day. I could barely stand to drop them off at the church nursery. Now, they and we are spread out all over the place.

Am I totally calm cool and collected about all of this? No. But I have to face reality. One day they might all move out. Notice I say "might." It doesn't seem like that will ever happen, but I know it will. What will the next eight years bring? Only God knows. I told them all they weren't allowed to grow up, but they are doing it anyway. Kids never listen. LOL


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