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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New Music from Jamie Grace!

If you listen to contemporary Christian music at all, you've likely heard of Jamie Grace. She's had a lot of radio play, she's been on the Winter Jam Tour more than once, and she's all over social media. I've even seen her on a video screen at KMart! She's the one who sings "Do Life Big," "Beautiful Day," and "Hold Me," to name a few. It's been a while since she's put out a new album, and she's working on it, but she has released a new single entitled "Party Like a Princess."

"Party Like a Princess" is a song all about finding your true identity in Christ as opposed to finding it in an "earthly prince." We girls (of all ages) are all princesses because God our father is the king! How about if I just give you a few lines of the lyrics:

When I walked into the party
Everybody just stopped
Even the DJ wasn't ready
To see me without a boy
Who isn't ready to be king
So tell me why would I be chasing him
To be his queen

Don't you know who my daddy is?

Or you could just watch it yourself here!

Sure, it's mostly aimed at young girls, but a catchy tune is a catchy tune, right? The message is a good one, and one we don't hear often enough. I might be an old married lady with eight kids, but I can still party like a princess. I know who my daddy is! 

Buy it here on iTunes!

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