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Monday, November 28, 2016

Special Announcement!

Schoolhouse Review Crew

Hello Everyone!

I'm just popping on here to tell you the news! I am, once again, going to be reviewing for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Review Crew! In other words, I'll be getting homeschool curricula and other products to use in my home so that I can pass on my thoughts to you.

First, I must apologize. I feel like a total noob! It's going to take me a bit to get fully back into the swing of things. Please bear with me. :) I'll also be back to writing about crazy family stories, homeschool advice, and who knows what else. I loved my years on the crew. I met so many great people and was introduced to so many great products, some of which I am still using!

I am also working on getting my Facebook and Twitter accounts back up to speed, and getting a brand new Instagram account set up. I will be everywhere!

I hope you will joining me on this new old adventure. I am looking forward to it!


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