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Sunday, October 31, 2010

A New Review for You! Solitaire Chess from Timberdoodle!!!

The wonderful folks at Timberdoodle sent me a complimentary Solitaire Chess game so that I could give them an honest review of the game right here on my blog.

I was really excited to get this game.  You see, my son Dode Man is really into board games.  Lucky for him, he has seven siblings, right?  One would think, but he often can't find anyone to play.  The easy solution would be to let him just play endless computer games, which he would gladly do, but, well, that's a "no-no" around here.  So enter Solitaire Chess!!!
I'm not so sure I can really explain the game very well, but it comes with 30 two-sided playing boards and ten chess pieces.  Each game board shows you  which pieces to set up for play.  You must then capture every piece but one using the same rules to move the pieces as in real chess.  The catch is that you MUST capture a piece with every more.  Sound easy?  It's not!  I tried the easiest game board and even that took me a few minutes to figure out.  I didn't dare try the harder ones!  LOL

Dode Man had already played the game several times and most of the others have too.  As a matter of fact, my two oldest kids are in a "Thinking Detectives" class at our co-op and I'll be bringing it in for them to play.  Very cool game!!!  Get it here.

Price:  $17.50 

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