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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year from the Crazy House!!!

Hey Happy New Year!!!  Thought I'd say hello and give you a brief rundown of our 2010 and my hopes for 2011. 

In 2010 I began my third voyage with the TOS Homeschool Crew and have loved every minute of it, though I reviewed far fewer items than in the past.  This all looks to change in 2011 as I already have seven items to review for January!!!  I also for began blogging for MyBlogSpark and Timberdoodle this past year, and just recently signed on with My MoMents.  I also teach Spanish at our co-op and just finished teaching a semester of U.S. government.   Of course, I'm still schooling seven kids at home, thought the oldest two are more or less on their own. 

Sane Man is still trying to keep my from going too crazy, and has finally just about finished remodeling the kitchen, a project which has been going on for 15 years.  I think my husband thinks home improvement projects are like children and need at least 18 years to fully mature.  I suspect it will be at least three years before the kitchen is completely done.  LOL  He rocks at his job and his boss has promised "to take care of him."  I'm hoping to see that in his paychecks soon!  :)

First Born went to Africa for two months and loved it.  He had a great time and would go back in a heartbeat.  He came home and picked up a second job to pay off his debt.  He took the fall semester off so he could work, but will be going back in about a week.  He'll turn 20 in 2011 and when he does it will mark our first child to live through his teens and tell about it!  :)

Renaissance Man is doing everything like always.  He plays guitar in the youth band, continues to make fliers for youth events, and works as a web developer.  He was also part of a student leader training course and his team did lots of ministry over the course of the last several months.  God willing, he will graduate this year.  Whew!  Two down, six to go!

Mr. Personality is still on the Library Teen Advisory Board, and is now on part of our student government at our co-op.  He also joined the youth drama team and had a fairly large part in our church's Christmas production where he actually sang a duet.  He has also started to pick up the guitar and still enjoys playing his keyboard.  He's a junior this year. 

Woggit still is Woggit.  He's our least sociable child, but he has two good friends and he is totally okay with that.  He's not interested in music or sports, but he does like the computer.  His favorite game is Roblox, and he talks about it all the time.  He also still loves Garfield and has taken a liking to chess.  We got him a handheld electronic chess game for Christmas and he loves it. 

Princess is also part of our co-op's student government.  She is more like the three oldest boys in that she likes to be involved.  She is currently also serving as Vice President of the Library Teen Advisory Board.  She loves to read, write and sew.  She takes sewing lessons with a lovely lady with some other friends.  Unfortunately, she has not used her flute much this past year, so we are considering lessons in 2011.  This is her first year in what would be junior high.  Or is that middle school?  No matter, she is still doing school at the table, on the couch, or in her bed.  LOL

Dode Man is our drummer.  He got drum lessons for his 11th birthday and has been taking them ever since.  He loves it and it gives him a reason to tap on something.  He is also serving on our co-op's student council and wants to become a Library Teen Advisory Board member.  He has also thoroughly enjoyed his writing class as he has discovered that he has a real gift for writing, especially humor writing.  Some of his essays have literally had me laughing until I cried.  This year he has also discovered biographies.  He had been reading book after book about famous Christians and historical figures.  As a matter of fact, he just got four more books for Christmas.

At nine, Bear is just as adorable as ever.  I am cherishing having a little girl while I can!  She also takes sewing class with her big sister and is quite a little lady.  She loves to be a big girl and don an apron, set the table, and have a pleasant little party.  She is a stuffed animal lover and just got a HUGE bear from her big brothers.  She could not have been happier.  She still likes to play house and play with her dolls and I love it.  I am in no hurry at all for her to grow up.

Baber is seven and is still as feisty as ever.  As an eighth child, I'm not sure he had no choice!  He is quite a character, but he is also a great big love bug.  He is the last of my boys, and I am also cherishing every minute of his childhood that I can.  He is still working at reading, but we are getting there, and I suspect he'll be reading alone by the end of the year.  Baber is all boy and I love it. 

This year, like every other year, has been crazy.  We've had our challenges to be sure.  Next year will bring new ones, but we'll get through them all with God's help.  I pray that everyone who reads this will have a very blessed new year and that you will trust in the Lord to make it through!


Crazy Mom


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