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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pushing 50 is the only Exercise I Get!

Ugh! I will be 50 in less than a year, and the truth is, I'm falling apart.  I mean, personality wise I still pretty much act like a goofy teenager.  I mean, a rather mature goofy teenager, but on the inside I don't feel like I've aged hardly at all.  But on the outside....

I mean my hair is thinning and graying, my chin is starting to sag, I'm getting those little puppet lines at the corners of my mouth, and, well, you get the idea.  I'm just a tad overweight (ha!) and totally out of shape.  I can't walk up the stairs without getting out of breath.  I can't walk down the stairs without my knees hurting. Other various joints and muscles seem to take turns aching. I get indigestion all the time, and half the time I can't even swallow my food because it gets stuck in my throat!  My asthma isn't getting any better, and I sometimes get chest pains.  My blood pressure, which has always been very low, is suddenly getting high.  In other words, like I said, I'm falling apart.

TMI?  Or can you relate?  If you said the latter, would you like to join me and help motivate me to change my wicked ways so that I gain at least regain whatever health I've had in the past?  (I've never been a really healthy person.  Allergies and asthma have always kept me from feeling great, but I sure haven't always felt this bad.)  I've looked up all my ailments and found the same old thing just about every time.  I need to eat less and exercise more.  Now there are a few other things I can do to help the outside.  I can cut and color my hair; I can wear more flattering clothes.  I plan to do anything and everything (okay, not surgery) to help me look and feel my best. 

I do have to say that I have a handle on the most important things.  I do manage to pray and read my Bible every day.  I made a rule for myself that I am not allowed on facebook until I've done my Bible reading.  I'm using a Bible in a Year program and I haven't missed a day!  I am also making a conscious effort to spend more fun time with the kids.  A couple weeks ago we played Apples to Apples,  and a few days ago we all danced like crazy people in the living room.  I noticed that all we ever seem to do is clean and do school.  When we do something together, we usually just watch a movie, but that seems so lame.  I don't want to sit around and watch other people pretend to live life, I want to live life with my family for real!

So here are my immediate goals:

- Get a hair cut and color it

- Take my supplements regularly.  (Co-Q 10, D3, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc)

- Actually exercise.  I am going to start with a whopping 10 minutes 2x a week.  Lame, but it   doesn't scare me!

-Stop eating "second dinners"

-Really, really try to cut back on sugar and white flour

-Keep track of my blood pressure

-Research natural treatment for asthma (I hate it that I am constantly using my inhaler.)

-Do something fun with the kids at least once a week

-Organize one area of my house at least once a week (While this is not directly about me, I am totally affected by a messy house. I feel so much stress about it. When I walk into a clean room, I actually feel a physical sensation of relief.)

-Continue to pray and read my Bible daily

-Keep up with this series!  I always start things and don't finish.  I even won a Perfect Procrastinators Award, but never mentioned it or put the button on my blog because I kept putting it off!  LOL

Anyway, if I actually DO this, I plan to be a fit and healthy 50 year old in less than a year!!!  :)


  1. "Second dinner" - love it! I agree! Does that mean I shouldn't do thirds, too? :-D

  2. You know, I ought to join you.

    About the messy house, though, I've read studies that seemed fairly legit that suggest that people who straighten up their physical lives (declutter) lose more weight and keep it off.

  3. I think my husband came up with the whole "second dinner" thing. :)

    And as far as having a clean house making you lose weight, it makes sense. First you can actually walk around in it, which is exercise, and second you obviously cleaned to begin with, which burns a lot more calories than say, bloggin or facebook! :)

  4. And if the kitchen is clean, you can actually cook healthy food instead of hitting the drive thru...

    Not that *I* do that. LOL. The closest drive thru is nearly an hour away. I'd rather repile my kitchen clutter than drive two hours to get McDonald's.

  5. If you keep posting, I will read and comment. :)

    I have recently made some changes myself, but I haven't been blogging about it (or much of anything, really!).

    I think if you regularly do exercise (even just a little), and watch sugar, flour and portion control, you'll find yourself healthier, happier and meeting your goals, Crazy Mom! Excited to see your progress! :)

  6. Great idea - and I should DEFINITELY join you. I'll be 42 on Tuesday and I'm feeling out of shape and getting those wonderful aches and pains you described. UGH!

  7. I'm turning 39 this summer. Steve is turning 40 this fall. He is doing a makeover ... the one many men seem to do at 40. Suddenly start eating healthier and exercising. SO far he's lost 18 lbs. since January, but he works such long hours and commutes that he doesn't get in as much exercise as he'd like to. We're both trying to get healthier.

    And I did cut my hair last summer to deal with it being thinner, but haven't been totally pleased with that particular cut. Letting too many layers grow out at the moment and trying to figure out what to do with it next. I don't think I'll grow it long again, though. Especially not really long. THat ship seems to have sailed from my life and I should probably get rid of the hair sticks and clips I could only use when it was really long.

    Having teenage girls has had me being a bit more careful about my clothes, too. I actually started a transition in how I dressed about 2 years ago. I've gotten rid of a lot of big baggy things and have been trying to replace them with better fitting things. It's an ongoing process, though. Something that looked nice one year may lose its shape (or you change yours) and it no longer looks nice the next year. At least that's my experience. LOL!!

  8. I feel your pain and I was just discussing this with two of my friends this morning. It seems like overnight, things hurt that never used to. Getting down the stairs in the morning is now a real chore - where the heck did that come from???? I am with you about being healthier and I think also about being more proactive about my faith.

    Glad I found you!

  9. Try Khella! My dad has had chronic and I mean chronic asthma & eczema. He's tried every natural remedy out there and says Khella has truly helped him. It's an herb and you can find it at and use code DAC834.
    Use ev coconut oil to moisturize your face and eat internally. Exercise with p90x. Don't color your hair, that's just a temperary fix. Age gracefully with silver hair :)
    Try kombucha (you can make it at home) for graying hair. Oh and of course kefir (you make that at home too, u just need to buy some milk kefir grains). This should all help you a lot!!!

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