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Monday, February 13, 2012

Hi Tech Kids!

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The other day my youngest son, Baber, who is eight, was on the laptop when he still had school and chores to do, so I took it away from him.  The next thing I knew I found him sitting on the stairs with his portable DVD player!  I confiscated that, and told him to get going on his list.  He reluctantly gave it to me, and I took it and hid it.

I started going about my business when I saw him walking around, calculator in hand.  Really?  Is the kid that desperate to manipulate images on a screen?  So then I had to take away the calculator!  I finally realized that if I wasn't working along side him every step of the way he wasn't going to do anything he was supposed to be doing.  It was either that or hide all the digital watches!


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