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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Out of Con*text*

The other day I was at church when I got a text message from my bestest friend.  It said: Luke went out on "seizure."  Well, some of her kids seem to go through little spells where they faint a lot, but never Luke, and they've never had actual siezures.  I found the way she worded it a little odd, so I asked my husband if he thought that it meant that Luke had a seizure.  He assumed it did, but I told him I was going to text back to be sure.  He tried to tell me not to bother her, but I had to know.  So I texted:  Huh, Luke had a siezure? 

A few minutes later I my phone beeped, and I quickly grabbed it.  Here's what the text said:  No.  He was in Spelling Bee.  Suddenly it all made sense to me.  I had known about the spelling bee but had forgotten all about it.  LOL  Apparently she also sent the message to another friend who was teaching a class who actually stopped the class to pray for Luke, and who also prayed for him every time she woke up that night! 

Communication is a funny thing sometimes, and people often misinterpret each other whether via text, e-mail, facebook, and even face to face.  Thinking about that makes me appreciate my relationship with God all the more.  He knows what I mean every single time, even when I don't even know myself!


  1. Fyi, "seizure" ~ you would have gone out on that word too! LOL

  2. Way too funny!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOL, Barb, you're right! I fixed it. :)


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