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Monday, November 21, 2011

Good Golly Miss Molly! A Hand Soap Review! :)

Hey everyone!  Guess what?  I am once again trying out for a new gig.  As you might know, I reviewed for the TOS (The Old Schoolhouse) Crew for three years and loved it, but this year I decided it was time to take a little break.  Things are getting crazy (okay, crazier) around here with six kids still being homeschooled, as well as all of them growing up and getting involved in millions of activities.  Okay, so it's nowhere near millions, but some days it feels like it.  I feel like I pretty much have the homeschooling down to a science; it's the housework and cooking that suffers.

Enter Molly Green.  Who is Molly Green, you might ask?  She's the ultimate frugal, creative housewife!  She's the head of Molly Green/Econobusters, a sister company TOS, but she focuses more on the home ec side of things rather than the homeschool side of things.   So, I thought this just might be the perfect fit.  If I end up on the review team, I'll be reviewing things like cleaning supplies, household items, and maybe even some food.  Yum!  (Oh, and I might also add that Molly is a cartoon!  LOL)

So "Molly" asked if I'd post a sample review.  I decided to share about a homemaking product that we all absolutely love.  It's Family Dollar aloe vera moisturizing hand soap!  (The bottle actually says that you can compare it to Softsoap (R) aloe vera handsoap.)  I hadn't used liquid soap for years assuming my kids would go crazy with it and waste it.  A few months ago, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.  So, I picked up a 7.5 oz bottle one day for a dollar.  (Be still my frugal heart!) I was thrilled to find it because it's one of very few handsoaps I've found that is not antibacterial.  I'm allergic to anti-bacterial soap, and it makes my hands break out. So I was a happy girl.  (And the kids have actually been good with it!)

I love this soap because it's definitely not cheap and runny, has a pleasant scent, and makes my hands nice and soft.  I wash my hands a lot, and I love that it doesn't make them dry.  When we recently ran out, I bought another brand that was just awful.  It was very thin and runny and just didn't do the job.  Well, maybe it did, but it sure didn't feel like it.  Okay, so I'm not a scientist, but there is something about having nice, thick, soapy bubbles that makes you feel clean.  :)   I can vouch for the fact that the Family Dollar aloe vera soap does clean amazingly well.  Sane Man has been working on our vehicles a lot, and the soap cleans all the grease and oil off his hands like a charm.  Normally he has to use a special mechanic's soap when he works on cars, but so far this has been all that he has needed.  He was really amazed at how well this soap works! 

We've also found that this soap is great at getting stains out of clothing.  I don't know if that means it's harsh, but it doesn't seem to be.  Since our laundry chute is in the bathroom, every time one of us gets something on our clothing (you know, like once or twice a day, lol) I just clean it really well with the soap and throw it down the chute.  So far I've had great success.  I've even tried it on a few set in stains.  I can't say it works every time, but I've had at least as much success with it as I've had with any other stain remover. 

We love Family Dollar's aloe vera handsoap so much that we are now buying the 64 oz. refill bottles.  I pick up all they have of it in stock when we get down to one bottle, and my husband told me to see if I can order a case!  So, yeah, we like it.  :)

I'd also like to add that Family Dollar actually sells other handsoaps including clear, antibacterial, milk and honey, and shea butter.  I cannot vouch for any of the other soaps, not having tried them, but I am thinking of trying the shea butter as I have used other shea butter products and love how they feel.  If I find something else to love, I'll let ya know!


The product:  Family Dollar aloe vera handsoap

Where to get it:  Family Dollar  :)

The pros:  This soap in inexpensive, but feels like an expensive soap, leaves your hands soft and clean, has a nice scent, and even gets stains out of your clothing!  Also, for those who don't want an antibacterial soap, this is a great choice!

The cons:  I find nothing not to like about this soap; however, it is not antibacterial if that is something you prefer.  (They do carry an antibacterial soap, but I have not tried it.)

The bottom line:  The pump bottle is only $1.00 and the refill is only $3.65.  What a bargain!  :)

Rating*:  Home Run!

Check it out yourself at a Family Dollar near you.  To find the nearest location, click here.

"Disclosure of Material Connection: I bought and paid for this product myself, have no connection to Family Dollar other than the fact that I shop there, and have received no compensation for this review.  I just liked it so much, I thought I'd let you know."

*Rating Scale

Home Run!  This product is totally awesome, and I'd recommend it to anyone!

Triple!  This product is great, and I think almost anyone would like it.

Double! This product is good, and it would probably work for some people, but not everyone.

Single!  This is an okay product that some people might like, but I wouldn't recommend it for most people.

Strike Out!  This is not a good product, and I could not, in good conscience, recommend it to anyone. 

Happy lathering!  :)


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