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Monday, October 24, 2011

So... I've started the Total Transformation! (Part 1)

I just might be the latest skeptic turned convert!  So far I am liking what I see/hear.  Can't say I've done anything to really utilize the program, but I am learning.  I told a friend at church yesterday that if this program really works like they say it will, I will be out spreading the word like an evangelist.  We shall see! 

I have watched the Jump Start DVD and have listened to most of the first audio CD.  I've also checked out the first lesson in the workbook.  My biggest trouble is that I have to try to "sneak" around to listen to the CDs so that my kids don't catch on to my little secret.  LOL 

The first week is really mostly all about understanding the "why" behind your child's behavior issues.  I know it's supposed to be serious, but I actually have to say I had a few giggles over how well they know my children without having even met them!  They sure have them pegged.  One of my kids seems to have just about every issue they talk about.  I joked to Sane Man that we should pass out a copy of the CD to everyone who meets him.  LOL

I seriously am very pleasantly surprised so far.  I really thought it was a gimmick and wouldn't work.  Now, I still can't say it works, as I haven't implemented it yet, but it is no gimmick.  The program is very well thought out and organized.  And it is readily apparent when you look at it that it's going to take some work on the part of the parent(s).  Honestly, I think if I were the one marketing the program, I would do it differently.  Every time I heard the infomercial it sounded too good to be true, so I always assumed it was.  I think it might have actually been more believable to me had it been more obvious that it wasn't a quick fix, but a tough but workable program that works. 

I'm glad to be doing this for a review because it will keep me more on track with it.  My plan is to try to blog each week after listening to each CD.  I'm hoping to get to the second one today before the kids get up.  It always gets so crazy, busy, and LOUD around here that it's really difficult to find a few moments of peace to actually listen.  Perhaps this will change once I finish the program.  :)

Here is a link to the program:

Child Discipline Methods –

Here's where you can get a free parenting newsletter:

I hope you follow along with my progress as I work through this.  Since I have eight kids (and yes, technically two of them are now "adults" but...) I'm not going to try to focus on all of them.  It would be too overwhelming for me.  My idea is to pretty much focus on one of them and then as I get used to it, my hope is that it will just come naturally to use the ideas with the others.  Again, we shall see. :)


  1. I'm looking forward to reading your posts. I've seen the commercials and am really intrigued. Let's just say one 'problem child' in the house is leading to ALL the kids acting out and creating tension in the house these days.

  2. I am reading your progess! Can't wait for the next update!

    Mrs. White
    The Legacy of Home


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